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Tourist and sports activities around La Ferme Morin La Ronde Fontaine in the Jura mountains, Haut-Doubs, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

GR 5, GR footpath

The famous hiking trail 5 (GR 5), starting from the North Sea to reach the Mediterranean, crosses the Jura mountains a few hundred meters from the farmhouse.

GTJ, Grandes Traversées du Jura

La Grande Traversée du Jura by mountain bike is a bike trail that allows you to browse the Doubs and Jura through the Natural Park of Haut-Jura. Its route marked and secured of about 380 km just passes in front of our farmhouse.


Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing

You will find cross-country ski runs in 200 m of the farm.
Combe Saint-Pierre Charquemont station (3 km from the farmhouse), with 3 lifts, delight lovers of alpine skiing.

Ski de fond à la ferme Morin Ski de piste à Charquemont

Doubs, a paradise for fishermen

The diversity of environments and rivers enable you to catch pike perch, trout, pike and carp in the rich waters of the Doubs.

Pêche dans le Doubs


The many trails and paths around the farm offer beautiful routes for snowshoeing in winter.

Échelles de la mort

Échelles de la mort via ferrata, located near Fournet-Blancheroche, is a magnificent site to practice trekking along the Doubs.
The cliff is equipped with ladders, bridges, beams and a zip-line.
It is a picturesque and historic place. Once the smugglers were using for their freight traffic between France and Switzerland with wooden ladders.

Les Échelles de la mort

The Saut du Doubs

The Saut du Doubs is a waterfall located on the Franco-Swiss border, specifically in Villers-Le-Lac.
Boat rides are organized to discover the Gorges du Doubs and the Saut du Doubs.

Le Saut du Doubs bâteau Le Saut du Doubs

Geocaching with GPS Safari

We offer you GPS to participate in the hunt and adventure GPS Safari.

GPS Safari

Nature coaching sessions

Possibility of nature coaching sessions for healing and well-being with a certified coach at La Ferme Morin.

Philiberts lookout

Philiberts lookout is a view-point overlooking the valley of the Doubs. We observe the water court surrounded by cliffs and pine forests. It is 500 meters from the farmhouse.

Le belvédère des Philiberts

Comté cheese fruitières

The region has a large number of village cheese dairies, called fruitières, where the Comté is produced. It is made from milk collected in the surrounding farms and then it is matured in cellar.
It is possible to schedule tours of this fruitières.

Comté fromage Fruitière à Comté